nude life drawing in Maidenhead

This is the must-have stag and hen activity. nude life drawing in Maidenhead. A gorgeous life drawing model to pose in a variety of positions while you do your best with paper and pencil. Nude life drawing is hugely popular nowadays.

Nude life drawing in is super for all types of parties. If you’re a party of mixed ages then it can be perfect. Not too full on. Not too intimate. But still a good laugh for everyone. Our nude life model can start in a costume of your choice and peel off layers as the pictures go on.  It doesn’t matter if you are good at art. No! What matters is that you get stuck in and have a good old giggle.

Nude life drawing in Maidenhead

Or you can make it as raunchy as you like.  There’s all sorts of twists and add ons for your nude life drawing : the winning picture gets a slow sexy lap dance from the model is most popular. You can have group photos. You can have the nude life drawing model perform a strip show for the party. Or waitress/butler. It’s up to you.

To book nude life drawing just  send us an enquiry or call us 07808369706.

nude life drawing in Maidenhead – and so much more …

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