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We offer a range of female and male strippers and all are fully trained and fully experienced. We have a wide selection of outfits and costumes. Ask about your choices. Our strippers in Nailsworth offer a range of routines to suit all audiences. So if you’re hosting a stag night/hen night, or a birthday party, retirement do, civil partnership or just for the good fun of it then let me know. We can organise strippers in Nailsworth to suit you and your party.

So what is included in the performance of your strippers in Nailsworth? Usually a bit of a lap dance, striptease, party games, baby oil, whipped cream, whips …  Obviously a boisterous party will have different requirements from a more quiet family function. You will always have an opportunity to speak with your stripper before their performance so that you can discuss your requirements with them. So then it’s right for you on the night. Whatever you want for your  strippers in Nailsworth is good with us!

We offer stand-alone stripper performances to celebrate one persons special occasion. Or full packages with two or three or more strippers with a compere/DJ as well for hen shows, stag shows, corporate functions, etc. Please speak to use about all the options and bespoke packages. We can always find a stripper to suit you and your budget.

click through to our home page to start your search for your strippers in Nailsworth! Browse through our extensive galleries for a representative choice of strippers and let me know your choices. You can let me know your very favourite or a choice of all your favourites! Or you can be greedy and see all of our lovely female strippers here or all of our sexy male strippers here

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