Are you looking to hire male strippers in Bridgwater ? “YES, Please!”

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Do you want to book male strippers in Bridgwater ? You’re at the right place here at stripperonline. We have a great range of male strippers throughout Somerset and beyond.  And a range of different styles too. What style of male stripper do you want? You can choose a ‘traditional’ – good old sexy slap stick fun. Perhaps you want him hot and sexy. Maybe you just want really good laugh. Our male strippers in Bridgwater are versatile and accommodating for you.  Whichever style you choose is sure to get the party started.


For all booking details and pricing information on our range of male strippers in Bridgwater please use our online enquiry form. Or phone us or WhatsApp or text 07808369706.

What’s included in the act of male strippers in Bridgwater ?

What does his act consist of? Anything and everything! All of our strippers and stripograms in Bridgwater have their own routines and performances. And their own special tricks and treats for you. We always recommend that you speak directly with your male strippers in Bridgwater for full information on his unique act. As mentioned, you might prefer a routine as fun and lighthearted as possible. Or something very sultry and sexy. Certainly, this will depend on your audience. So there’s always great fun, interaction, party games and striptease – amongst other things! But a family party, for example, will usually want something different from a more raucous hen party. If you have any special requests for your Bridgwater stripper then please let him know.You will be able to speak to them before they perform their stripper show for you to make sure that it’s right for you.

What about music?

Most of the strippers have their own play list and they will be able to speak with you about this. If you have special music that’s significant then please let your male stripper know and have your song ready for him to dance to. We want your stripper to be the best experience at your party in Bridgwater as possible for you.

Are male strippers in Bridgwater right for us?

Absolutely. Our male strippers in Bridgwater are real crowd pleasers. If doesn’t matter the age or size of your audience. Nor the sex or the sexuality of your audience. As long as you want a good laugh then a stripper is going to be great for you. Our stripper shows suit all occasions. If you are celebrating a birthday party in Bridgwater . Or a civil partnership. A hen night in Bridgwater . Hag night. Or Sten night. Even a baby shower or divorce celebration. If it’s a celebration for you then it’s right for us! Let us know the nature of your party and occasion when you make your enquiry or your booking.

Where will my male strippers perform?

Our strippers are all fully mobile. So they come to you. Wherever you happen to be. We are happy to perform everywhere. Your home or apartment or private venue is absolutely fine. An airbnb, private rental,  hotel rooms and hostels. Bars, clubs, restaurants are all good with us. Also camp sites, paintballing sites, and building sites. Everywhere that you have your celebrations. However, if you are going to be in a public area or venue anywhere in Somerset then we always recommend that you check with the management before booking your male strippers.

Does our stripper dress up for us?

Of course. Yes. The strippers have the most traditional outfits and you can let me know if you have any favourite choices. Police outfit is the most traditional and still the most popular. Fire fighter is also very popular. Soldier – usually the camouflage fatigues. Some of our male strippers have their favourite outfits such as construction worker or boxer, etc. They are also very happy to wear a special outfit if you want to provide one for them.

How much do male strippers cost?

We recommend that you always contact us for a custom quote. For all details and pricing information then please use our online enquiry form. Or phone us or WhatsApp or text 07808369706.

Male strippers and More!

Most parties are happy to book one male stripper or stripogram. Just for a giggle for the special girl or guy on their special occasion. But if you want a stripper to do a show round the room for all of you to participate in and enjoy then that’s fine too. You just let me know what you want when you enquire and book. If you want to settle in for the evening with more thaan one stripper. Well, we say all the more the merrier!

Corporate evenings and fund raising events in Somerset

Our strippers also work with drag queens and drag artistes for an evening of entertainment. Great for fund raisers. Ask for our corporate packagees.


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